Photo Album 2017

Just for you-  a photo album which I'll keep adding too! Here we are in 2017 & getting fabulous rain! Some great falls in January but now March we have just had over 40 mls & perfect for planting some new tubers, trees.  I have been replacing some trees lost ,but also scattering some nice little groves around the Festival paddock as well as throughout the Camping area. I have got some Callistemons (pink flowering) and (cream) so putting in understory plants will really encourage the smaller birds! One of our Volunteers has offered to bring (nesting boxes) also to help protect our baby birds from predators (native cats) and we are hoping to get them around everywhere on the property, but mostly throughout the Festival site! Our little bird population has increased since planting grevillia species , but I'm convinced it will really benefit from nesting boxes and extra understory plantings! We have Zebra Finches/Blue Wrens/Willy Wagtails/Golden Finches/Double Bar Finch/and we have Sacred Kingfishers, which are pretty spectacular! I am keen to plant Golden wattles & Hakea they encourage birds as well.  


14.04.2017 23:39

Jim Johnson

beautiful photos what an inspiration do you have many koalas Jim Johnson

14.04.2017 23:46


We see them now & then they seem to pass through down to the Condomine river. Our corridor trees are bigger they seem to be spending more time here river gums all growing too, so more food! Norma

14.03.2017 02:06

Sue and Bill Lindley Mt Morgan

love your photos great rain ! Sue loves her trees too. Love Bill and Sue Lindley