I wrote that funny little song many years ago but how true! Look at these Frangipani cuttings! so easy to grow. Such a beautiful plant can't wait til they grow & flower!  I've also planted a magnificent red Hibiscus (flowering now) got a great little (Yesterday,Today & Tommorrow) bush-gorgeous. Purple and white-from Aub & Rob. And brought cuttings home from near Grenfell NSW from some (willow like) tree, so we'll see ,they are starting to shoot. So much fun watching things grow-it has always fascinated me since I was a kid, love it.


POTTED FRANGIPANI'S THAT MY NEPHEW ADRIAN GAVE ME-THEY ARE LOVING IT IN THE GREENHOUSE! THey'll have to stay in pots until we prepare the new garden around our (new house) but they look pretty happy!


LOTS OF PLANTINGS DURING OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2013.  LIST OF TREES SO FAR. CAUSURINAS-COOTAMUNDRA-IRONBARK-DWARF SUGAR GUMS- KOALA TREES- GREVILLIAS- CURRAJONGS- WATTLES- BOTTLE BRUSH- FOREST RED GUMS- ACACIA HARPOPHYHA- ACACIA PENDULA-EUCALYPTUS CLADOCALYNANA- ACACIA BAILEYANA- EUCALYPTUS AREBA- Now it is February 2015 we've had beautiful rain again after a long dry spell. So we are now going into Autumn/winter with a lovely body of grass- and the trees will be loving all the moisture.  Sadly I now have to replace quite a few smaller plantings lost in the big dry- and from a small fire we had around the dam. Which looks like it has killed some larger trees, pretty devastating , some might come back ,but it was a very hot burn.

All the new plantings last November- (approx 100 trees) mostly around the Festival gates- to create new corridors stretching along our northern boundary. Also some extra planting along the western boundary to try to make up for all the losses during the tornado back in June. Our neighbours got flattened as well, and now this section is very exposed to westerly winds so I'm working hard to correct that over the next few years. But it will be a tough call, very tough bit of ground along that western boundary. Mulching and water are the answer but a lot of work to get it all properly done!  However I feel like I'm winning some of the trees are powering with this latest rain.