Wow! here we are in Feb 2001- when I looked at this page I was astonished- I must take a whole new series of photos & update this! All those Corridors are now so well established- unrecognizable- even the Circular plantation- all super grown- so different now in 2021. It is so satisfying to have the visual record here to look back on & compare! The central corridor(amazing) but they all are! you be the judge- I'll put up latest /new photos very soon! get a real sense of achievement! 


This was the first area planted. The circular drive, big enough to cope with large horse trucks, buses etc, it has really matured since these were taken.


Our first corridor was a huge challenge , running the full length of the front paddock from front gate , up to the main camp. Lot of Land Care trees, various gums, bull oaks, lost quite a few here . But have gadually replaced with Chinchilla White Gums- Causurinas- and now along the Duff Rd section- brigalow- more causurinas- and near front gate a plantation of Green Gums! Bit frost tender the first winter, but they seem to be okay this year! Water was a real struggle early on, with big areas of clay soil effecting growth. I'LL BE UPDATING PHOTO'S SOON, BUT I'LL COMMENCE AN UPDATED SECTION-KEEP THIS, AS A REMINDER OF HOW WE HAVE PROGRESSED!

Looking West, our Causurina grove in the early stages! They seem to be struggling a bit even now, but it is very tough bit of ground and we haven't mulched as much as we should have. Planning to put in a big effort next Summer. These were mostly all on drippers, not fond of this though, it hasn't really worked well here.

Our central corridor in the front paddock when first planted. Put bottlebrush-sugar gums- belah- causurinas- lost a few Sugar Gums- replaced with Causurinas.

MAIN CORRIDOR LOOKING NORTH! up the hill toward our Camp. This was first planted in May 2008- with 500 LandCare trees initially. But we have replaced a hundred or so since then. Initial plantings were Angopheras-Forest Red Gum- Poplar Box- Yellow Box- Bull Oaks- Causurinas- malaluecas- chinchilla white gums- we replaced casualties with causurinas and white Gum.

Looking from Duff Road corner up toward dam, this has all been fenced into a much wider avenue now and totally planted - to create a very full corridor to link the top paddock back to this front section. This also creates a solid safe , bank or corridor for the more vulnerable species to be able to travel through to the Condamine River. Once established this will eliminate these open/bare stretches. It will also provide great protection for any horses in the paddock from the prevailing South/Easterly winds. Already several hundred trees planted in this avenue mostly Kurrajong- Causurinas- in the corner wattles-causurinas- and various gums. THe main planting will be a total mix to provide different levels of shelter/food/-Brigalows will be included as they are a very valuable species. They are listed of ecological value-moderate climate-store carbon- and protect animal and plant diversity. Acacia Harpophylla. Kurrajongs are a wonderful big tree, very hardy ,several lovely big specimens in Warwick.

This is a big challenge to get this fence line all planted with a wide corridor. Since this photo was taken It has been fenced to create a much wider corridor and light planting was done during 2009-1010. This was commenced August 2012-now there are three solid rows of trees and shrubs. Consisting of- Causurinas- Bottlebrush-Malalueca- River Gums- Some Callistimon- and up the other end-some Brigalow-Kurrajongs-so a wonderful mix.

Proudly displayed on our front entrance! we are working hard to make Landcare proud of us! and our efforts to protect and nuture all creatures who come looking for sanctuary!

Looking South down the hill, this was planted with all River Gums- and two peppercorns either end. They have grown well, but I'm a bit sorry I didn't plant windbreak things, lower growing. However I know they will be useful fully grown and play a part in the front paddock for shade & shelter.


04.03.2020 04:56

Norma O'Hara Murphy

I am about to update these snaps of these same corridors- now in 2020-almost unrecognisable- ? so proud of what we have achieved-so grateful the drought is over- for now?

13.02.2020 01:33

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Amazing to look back on these corridors -I need to put in current photos- they are all well established now! gives me a lot of satisfaction- after all our work.